Professional Halifax soffits and fascia

At Bluenose Roofing Halifax, we are committed to making sure that every detail of your home, business or facility is addressed professionally, as well as accurately. In housing, all components must work together to provide long lasting results and satisfaction. Trim, soffit and fascia are all vital elements of a homes overall protection, appearance and structural integrity.

In the building industry, soffit refers to the underside of roof eaves on your home, such as: porch ceilings, projecting cornices or similar architectural features. Soffit is installed under the eave of the house and allows air to circulate in and out of the attic. Air ventilation is very important, without appropriate ventilation, moisture can get trapped inside your home. This can lead to mold, rot and other hazardous issues. This can also buckle shingles and jeopardize the appearance and structural support of your home. A properly vented home will ensure this is not a concern. Our trim and soffit products are manufactured for climate, engineered to stand up against the toughest winds and harshest weather. Bluenose Roofing are experts at installing quality trim, fascia and soffits.

- Metal roofs
- Asphalt shingle roofs
- Commercial flat roofs
- Pitched roofs
- Metal roofs
- Standing seam roofs
- Steel shingle roofs
- Aluminum roofs
- Cedar shingle roofs
- Cedar shake roofs
- Steel panel roofs


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