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When looking for a professional roof contractor in Halifax, it's important to consider the following:

Does the person have experience? Roof installation can be tricky, so having someone with experience will help ensure that you get an accurate assessment of your roof and its condition.

Can they provide references? If so, contact those customers and ask about their experiences with this company. Ask them if they would recommend using their services again in the future if needed.

• Ask about the warranty on materials, labor and installation. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties beyond their standard coverage periods, but they may not be available depending on where you live or what company sells your product(s). These options are often referred to as "extended service plans" because they provide additional protection against problems such as leaks caused by installation errors or damage caused by windstorms after the initial installation period ends two common causes why roofs fail prematurely!

Make sure they have a permit for roofing work. Check that they have insurance, and that it covers liability in case of injury or damage to your property during the job.

• Ask for proof of liability insurance coverage if you don't already have it on file with your agent or broker.

• Confirm Everything Has Been Put in Writing
The contract is your assurance that you're dealing with a reputable company, and it should be written in plain language. It should also include:

• The materials and warranty for the roofing materials
A schedule of work and payment (this may be part of an overall contract for all the work being done). A cancellation clause, if applicable.

Ask around for recommendations of local roofing contractors in Halifax who have done quality work in the past; if they are reliable and knowledgeable experts, they will know what kind of material is most suited to weather chilly winters without cracking or leaking excessive amounts of water into below-ground spaces.


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